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Am 18.01.11 14:06, schrieb Marc Balmer:
> Am 18.01.11 13:41, schrieb Romulo:
>> It might not be the case, but it happened to me that the httpd's error
>> handler made a second request to the fastcgi url, thus, repeating the
>> response.
>> I'm sorry to don't quite remember it, but I guess it was the
>> favicon.ico (I know, the browser is the one to blame, but still..)
>> Perhaps you could print the request URI on top of each fcgi accept loop.
> I think the reason must be something different.  It only happens, and
> really only, if the Lua function called with pcall() generates an error.

I can now tell that actually two exchanges between the webserver
(lighttpd) and the FastCGI handler happen (verified with tcpdump), but
only if the Lua code called with pcall generates an error.

I am more and more confused by this...