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On 17 January 2011 10:19, Ed <> wrote:
> On 01/16/11 19:10, Matthew Wild wrote:
>> On 16 January 2011 09:27, Marc Balmer<>  wrote:
>>> Well, it looks like we suddenly have an abundance of interfaces to
>>> PostgreSQL ;)  Having a choice is always a good thing.
>> Heh. Prosody is now using ;)
> Why it is better, than LuaSQL?

Yes, LuaDBI supports prepared statements[1] for all the databases we
wanted Prosody to support. LuaSQL doesn't even have a documented way
to use escape data appropriately for the target DB engine (!).

The LuaDBI author was also very responsive to bug reports, which is a
major factor in choosing dependencies for us (this is not a comparison
to LuaSQL - I saw multiple requests for prepared statements on the
Kepler ML and didn't attempt contact myself).


[1]: If you aren't familiar with prepared statements: and
should explain the concept.