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On 01/16/11 12:27, Marc Balmer wrote:

This lacks licensing information (or I did not find it).

my fork of luapgsql:

No license information, either.

AFAIK it must use same license, as orginal work.

BTW, I try connect with author of original luapgsql package (to merge my work).. but without any success.
Anybody know - is STPeters alive? ;)

db:exec('LISTEN somenotify')
-- wait indefinitely for NOTIFY:
-- OR wait for NOTIFY, up to six seconds

for my needs NOTIFY-wait function is better, but if someone need
NOTIFY-driven callback - it can be added as well.

To be honest, I left out a small, but important detail:  Our
implementation works in an X11 context only, i.e. we use X11 library
calls internally.

IMHO rely on X11 in database-link library as a bad thing.