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In a way it resembles my first experience with Lua.

I downloaded vanilla Lua and looked at INSTALL. It clearly wasn't made for Windows. The "Building Lua on Windows and other systems" part is hidden well at the end of the file, so I overlooked it.

I looked around and found "etc/luavs.bat". Now I had to find out what "Visual Studio .NET Command Prompt" stands for. After googling, building Lua and overcoming difficulties of the fact that I had small experience with C++, I got Lua working, but it was linked against a dll and I wanted to link it statically. I also wanted to be able to change Lua source in VS without much hassle, which this way doesn't allow.

Finally, a friend of mine and co-worker on the project made a static library VS project for me. Life would have been so much easier if I knew beforehand that all I had to do is throw a bunch of files into a VS project :-)

So, the moral is that sections "Building Lua" and "Installing Lua" of INSTALL should in fact be called "Building Lua on Unix systems" and "Installing Lua on Unix systems", or there should be a table of contents in the file.

Best regards,
Sergey Rozhenko