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Hello everyone,

I have issue with lua threads that i can't seem to figure out.

I use lua_newthread for each new lua call, and i have a wait command implemented like this:

int Wait(lua_State* state)

    // first param - time to wait
    const int time_to_wait = lua_tointeger(state, 1);
    GX_ASSERT(time_to_wait > 0);

    lua_pushinteger(state, E_WAIT_DELAY);
    lua_pushinteger(state, time_to_wait);

    return lua_yield(state, 2);

For some reason, at random times one of my yield-ed threads get garbage collected by lua GC, resulting in a crash when i try to resume that thread. The deleted thread's status is LUA_YIELD, Also, the thread->stack->tt seems to be corrupted (it has a 0xdddddddd value).

Do you have any ideea what could generate this type of behavior, lua gc to delete a yield-ed thread?