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"Patrick Mc(avery" <> writes:

> Perhaps you have heard of Tiobe and it's programming language
> popularity index. Lua usually ranks about 18 to 25 on their list.
> Tiobe is controversial though because they do not publish how these
> rankings are calculated.
> Another site that does publish their methodology is:
> Lua also ranked around 20 on this site month after month.
> However suddenly this month Lua is #9!! leaping over giants like Ruby,
> Javascript, Objective-C and the highly pumped Go.

I found the following in /boot/grub/grub.cfg on Ubuntu Natty (the
current development version):

### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/10_linux ###
if [ ${recordfail} != 1 ]; then
  set matches_file=${prefix}/gfxblacklist.txt
  set class_match=3
  if lua ${prefix}/hwmatch.lua; then
    if [ ${match} = 0 ]; then
      set linux_gfx_mode=keep

So it would appear to me that at least Ubuntu now uses Lua while
preparing its boot sequence (hwmatch.lua is contained in the grub-pc

Bit of an endorsement.

David Kastrup