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Then, could we have another organization to direct us to construct a uniform Lua OOP method? In many cases, it is really indeed to use OOP, especially in Big Libs Bindings.

On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 3:37 PM, Eric Wing <> wrote:
> Is there any plan to include build-in or library support for class and oop?
> I know here is a dozen of 3rd library support class and oop.
> But that is the problem, there is too may implementations.
> If we include it in the standard lua (build-in or library), that will
> standardize
> the code in the community.

One thing I really came to appreciate while developing LuaCocoa was
the lack of a built-in object system in Lua. While getting tips/help
from a key RubyCocoa/MacRuby developer, it dawned on me the additional
complexity they had to go through to manage the fact that their
objects essentially needed to multiply inherit from both Objective-C
and Ruby and behave like both. Lua on the other hand had no object
model to get in the way.

It really underscored to me how Lua really is an extensible,
embeddable, language.

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