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Jim has enabled a few improvements for, in
particular smart links and syntax highlighting

Smart links means that clean links like this are possible:

I have made the code scanner more robust and non-confusable so odd
code is not going to bother Sputnik, and it now recognizes the 'no
magic' module pattern:

local mod = {}
function mod.answer() return 42 end
return mod  --> sees this as the module name

(The purpose of the code scanner is to identify the dependencies of a
snippet that implicitly uses other snippets. With a little more work,
can then give the user a download of the snippet and its

Still work in progress, in particular Chris Babcock has suggested some
changes to the front page.

For instance, there should be a link to

Any styling suggestions are particularly welcome, since that is not my
strong point.

This effort is meant to be complementary with the Lua Cookbook
initiative and the existing Lua users wiki.

steve d.