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> So if a user does not have a pointer to use for a lightuserdata then the
> library would effectively force the thing which Lua does not want onto the
> user?

Sure it will! That is why the "user" is a programmer. This is not
Office.  We are not in the business of providing ready-to-use solutions
to all kinds of things users may want to do. We aim to allow users to do
what they need by programming the primitives offered by Lua.

> I guess I just do not understand what the problem is with references (that
> is not already solved) and what benefit would be had from the possibility of
> removing them.

Removing them brings fewer mechanisms to learn, less documentation, and
less code.

  "The fastest, cheapest, most reliable piece of code is that which
  isn't there; design as much out of your code as you design in."

-- Roberto