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On Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 11:27 PM, beo wulf <> wrote:
> I'm using the default lua.vim, ... and indenting seems to work for
> everything (function/end, do/end, ...) except for multiline function
> arguments. For example, lua.vim wants to indent
> foo(
> a,
> b,
> c);
> whereas, I would prefer the identing to be:
> foo(
>  a,
>  b,
>  c);
> Anyone else have this problem? Basicaly, when there's a function call,
> I'd prefer the args to be indented), whereas lua.vim justifies it to
> the left with the "f" in function.
> Thanks!

I think this isn't a Lua question per se but more of a Vim question.
Your problem lies with the default Vim indentation file for the Lua

I'm assuming you have in your ~/.vimrc;

filetype plugin indent on
syntax on

for turning on automatic indentation based on filetype in Vim. I
recommend you read user guide section 30.3 to 30.5 (:help 30.3) to see
how automatic indentation works in vim.

The file I'm talking about can be seen by :e
$VIMRUNTIME/indent/lua.vim. You can change it or make your own (or
look on the site for one) and then put it in


Tom Wieland