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Hi All,

   I was waiting to the final release of lua 5.2 to release SLB
(Simple Lua Binder) but as people are asking for new features I
decided to release earlier versions of the current code. New features
 - Support for several managers (on each manager you can choose which
classes are available for the script)
 - Support for memory allocator. All the library code, and the lua
states created use a predefined allocator that can be changed to
control memory in the same way lua does.
 - Improved support for hybrid classes. C++ classes partially
implemented in lua, also the possibility to inherit in lua from C++
 - initial support for properties ( accessors to C++ variable members)
 - Support for lua 5.2 alpha (SLB v1.80)
 - bug fixing (as usual).

SLB v.1.70 (lua 5.1) ->
SLB v.1.80 (lua 5.2) ->


  Jose L. Hidalgo Valiño (PpluX)
  ---- ----