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On 01/08/2011 09:12 AM, Shamun toha md wrote:

How can we build this with Lua ?

- Left screen showing how frustrating it is for a end user experience
and does not even work in there Desktop nor web browsers. Right screen
shows it works any cross/web platform even desktop.

What is the "it" in question? The screenshot you gave shows something in Java, and it's the same in both screens. Can you please provide more detail?

- Do we have any cross platform video solution with Lua ? To deploy it
in cross platform and cross web browsers to catch end users comfort ?

I saw something the other day about LuaAV (, which does video processing and display. But you seem to be thinking of an integrated "Flash player" type deal, which Lua does not have.

* i know you guys hate Lua virtual machine concept, but what else can be
used ?

Lua *is* a virtual machine. Run "luac -l" on some of your code to see the bytecode it generates. The problem is, you have a very different conception of "virtual machine," more like the whole Java Runtime Environment - VM, class libraries, and starters for all different environments. I think you misunderstand the purpose of Lua - not to be an everything-in-the-box magic language, but to be simple and flexible so that people can extend it with what they need. There's a reason that Lua is only 200 K and Java is about a hundred times that size.

Thanks & Regards

P.S. If you have a colleague who reads and writes English better than you, you might want to have them proof your e-mails before you send them to the list.
Regards, Matthew "LeafStorm" Frazier