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Hi everyone,

I would like to announce lua-git2 [1] which provides Lua bindings for the 
LibGit2 library [2].

A sort description LibGit2:
libgit2 is a portable, pure C implementation of the Git core methods provided 
as a re-entrant linkable library with a solid API, allowing you to write 
native speed custom Git applications in any language which supports C 
bindings.  **And now with Lua bindings ;)

There is an example script [3] that shows how to use the library.  That script 
is a little messy since I just hacked it out to test out the API.

These bindings where created using a bindings generator I created and am 
making publicly available [4].  The bindings generator was written to help 
create bindings for a private project that is written in pure C and none of 
the existing bindings generators (like swig, and NO to all the C++ based 
binders) would produce Lua interface like I wanted.  Basically I wanted Lua 
objects that mapped cleanly to my C objects.

You can install lua-git2 using LuaRocks:
curl -O "";
luarocks install lua-git2-scm-0.rockspec

The project has a pre-generated bindings file, so you don't need to install 
the bindings generate to compile/install lua-git2.

The bindings should cover the full LibGit2 API, if you find any missing 
functions or bugs let me know.


Robert G. Jakabosky