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Hi Dirk,

Just to get it straight: can it ever make sense to insert nil using table.insert()?

'Should' that not rather throw an error, because any table.insert() after that could have undefined behavior?

Isn't it pretty much guaranteed you'd never want to do |table.insert(t,n,nil)|?

Or is the rationale that you could fill that hole the next second and duly have a strict array again?

I tried writing a test loop with inserts and removes on associative arrays and could not come up with a prediction for insert (I understood, that's not defined). Insert replaces values in associative arrays sometimes, instead of moving values up as far as I can see. I can accept it just should not be used.

But why would insert be allowed to make the table invalid 'for itself' and put it in such a state. After all, it's not allowed to accept a string either. So why a nil? That's not a rhethoric question, I am wondering and if I have overlooked the decisive message in the list, let me know,