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Hi Luiz,

do you have recommended compile flags for the libs for 'full' tests on Mac OS X for me?

In the mean time, if it makes any sense, tested without the libs, full, on Mac OS X:

Could this be wrong in main (or is this the test itself)?
main.lua 151: RUN([[lua "-e_PROMPT='%s'" -i < %s > %s]], prompt, prog, out)
(?   :
RUN([[lua -e"_PROMPT='%s'" -i < %s > %s]], prompt, prog, out))
It fails for me.

And the following fails for me with when == 'open', not as expected 'absent':
    f, err, when == nil, 'dlopen(donotexist, 2): image not found', open

attrib.lua 195:
local st, err, when = package.loadlib("libs/", "*")
if not st then
  local f, err, when = package.loadlib("donotexist", p.."xuxu")
  print("err type" .. type(err))
  print("err " .. err)
  print("when " .. when)
  assert(not f and type(err) == "string" and when == "absent")
  ;(Message or print)('\a\n >>> cannot load dynamic library <<<\n\a')
  print(err, when)


On 1/6/11 9:05 PM, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
A test suite for Lua 5.2 is now available at

All feedback is welcome.