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Hi All!

I recently began playing a bit with Lua 5.2.0 (alpha). I downloaded and compiled the source (WinXp + TDM mingw 4.5.1) - no problem here.

My problem is that I have some script I made for 5.4.1 which make heavy use of setfenv/getenv that don't work in 5.2.

I know about _ENV and the 5.2 new approach to environments, but I didn't follow the fine print in the past threads about setfenv becoming deprecated, so I had some difficulty wading through old posts, so here is my problem: Is there a _pure Lua approach_ (some debug library trick) do rewrite sefenv/getenv?

I tried reading/writing the first upvalue of a function using debug.set/getupvalue, but It didn't work in my use case.

In doing this I assumed that _ENV is always the first upvalue of a function. Reading 5.2 docs it seems true, but I remember some old post in which Roberto (or maybe Luiz?) said it isn't always like that (but maybe I remember something superseded by newer work versions).

Any help appreciated!
Thanks in advance.