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On 01/04/2011 11:48 AM, Axel Kittenberger wrote:
This is a new topic as Reply on Quae's remark. Quae wrote:

So... in lack of this magical site for working on common code, I
submit for consideration a suitable array implementation:

Might this "magic site for working on common code" be exactly what we
might want for the "standard library"?

That is a website where you can quickly view through existing code if
a piece is useable for you, and then just require() that piece, since
you have a recent source ball of it installed? A website where the
code is very well documented? You know of any software package that
can function as such? Can git/svn be suitable for this or isn't it?

Perhaps CLAN - Comprehensive Lua Archive Network :)

... or similar.

At least, I think with a platform like CPAN for publishing and reviewing modules, perhaps a "Best Practises for Writing Lua Modules" document, and rich documentation along with packaging, deployment and integrated testing, the potential for a grassroots evolution of the standard libraries becomes feasible. I think a lot can be learned for how the Perl community is doing it (~21665 distributions and counting, has to say something).