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Hi Dirk,

On 1/3/11 10:38 AM, Dirk Laurie wrote:
On Sat, Jan 01, 2011 at 10:23:17PM +0200, David J. Slate wrote:

Your intuition belongs to tables with no anonymous items.  

I don't think you could explain somebody's intuition back to him.

If you have to explain, it's no Harley.

You are allowed to override __len for such tables.  

Thanks! But that's not the point in the first place in my view.

For me, I was concerned about people working on a level
were they will not get in touch with such subtleties and
should not need to bother.

People do read the reference manual, don't they?  Surely? :-?

For the case presented, as far as I see, this point is mute if
we are talking about intuition, not knowledge.

You are correct after the fact - for learned, decent, well
behaving, manual studying programmers who do all their
home work before writing their code.

The reason intuition is an allowed term in discussions of
languages is that people are fallible and time not available
in abundance to everybody.

You read something, you try to remember it and if it runs
counter your intuition you are likely to get it wrong.