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> Lua is designed to be inside, not outside.  In Ubuntu Lucid there
> are 2000 packages with "python" on their names, most of them
> reinventions of the wheel or bindings for libraries so you can
> reinvent the wheel for yourself.  They're written by Python
> fundamentalists.  That's not the Lua way.  Lua says: leave the
> hardware and the time-critical code to C (or whatever), but do
> the user configuration and intricate logic in Lua.  The end user
> does not even need to know you've linked in the Lua library.
> Sure, we all write stand-alone Lua applications, I've plenty of
> files starting #!/usr/bin/lua, but that's for prototyping and
> non-redistributable programs.

I don't think this is an actual technical reality that you're
describing. I don't think Lua's design has anything (prove me wrong)
that makes it harder to be used as standalone than embedded. I think
this rhetoric is inspired by the fact that at the present time there's
no place where you can find a major set of precompiled binaries and
documentation all in one unified place and ready to use. But that's
gonna change eventually.