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Marc Balmer wrote:
Am 29.11.10 21:04, schrieb Lorenzo Donati:
Lorenzo Donati wrote:
Hi List!

I forgot: if the format could include support for rendering math
formulas, it would really be great (otherwise I should resort to embed
formulas as images)!

Now you definitely want to look at LaTeX ;)  Nothing sets formulae nicer.

Thanks for the prompt reply!
I never used LaTeX, but I saw some of its markup used in Geogebra formulae so it seems easy to generate from Lua (I hope it is not too difficult to learn - I will search the Internet...). But how to compile it to PDF? I heard its compiler is huge and must be installed. Are there some tools that can be carried away in an easy way? After all I don't need the full power I heard LaTeX is able to provide!