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On 28 November 2010 09:31, Petr Štetiar <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I wanted to test your lahttp project(looking for something for embedded
> devices with limited RAM), but there's some dependency on net.http etc. which
> I can't find easily. It's just your personal project right? I assume so,
> because there's no license etc. Thanks for the info.

My main and largest project is Prosody, an XMPP server. However at its
core there are a lot of nice, generic, well-tested and optimised
networking libraries. A number of my projects on draw from those libraries. lahttp builds a
generic API for fetching one or more files, with a progress callback,
using Prosody's HTTP client library (net.http).

The easiest way to fetch dependencies and build a single module file
is to use squish:

Just make, make install squish and then run "squish --use-http" in the
lahttp folder. It'll pull in any modules it doesn't find locally (you
can see which in the 'squishy' file in the lahttp repo). The output
file will be a self-contained "lahttp.lua" with the dependencies


PS. I pushed a couple of commits to lahttp just now, one to add a new
dependency (net.http has been split in half in Prosody, so the HTTP
parsing is independant from the client/server APIs), the other to add
a licence - typically all my projects are MIT/X11, the same licence as
Lua. Run "hg pull -u" to update your repository if you cloned with