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On 26 November 2010 14:35, Gilles Ganault <> wrote:
> Hello
> I'm going through some Makefiles I found to compile Lua for the
> Blackfin/uClinux, and was wondering why they chose to include the
> following libraries into Lua (ie. I'd like to avoid having to compile
> libraries that aren't usually needed):
> - Libdl
> - Libreadline
> - Libm
> I assume Libdl is required because a lot of features are actually
> found in modules, so the Lua interpreter must be able to load
> libraries dynamically.

Correct, though this is optional.

> Libm is required because I guess Lua can't perform much maths without
> this library.


> As for Libreadline, is it because Lua can't handle the command-line
> parameters natively?

This is for the interactive interpreter only (the one built as the
'lua' executable), not the Lua language itself. Again, optional.

See for example the "ansi" target which compiles without any of the
optional dependencies.