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Do you know, what the best way in Automake to check/require Lua?

So far I've done this, but dunno if that right/good.


Especially since I heard of Redhats failing on it, e.g. there needed
lua instead lua5.1, but then it fails on my debian again. Also
technically liblua and lua/luac are different things, arent they?
Shouldn't one require the interpreter/compiler additonally to the
library? Although in any sane environment these two should come in a
bundle. Also this solution is only secondary, since it just queries
the systems specific package manager, a user however make install'ed
it by hand. It would better need a MACRO that tests lua/luac in the
default PATH, and look for lualib in the default linking paths.

Do you have a good example project to look how it used

Kind regards,