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> selectF(x, function() return end, function() return
> end, function() return end)
> wouldn't these be more readable?  Say,
> selectF(x, (<, (<, (<
> or
> selectF(x, \(, \(, \(

actually they are all not very readable, but at least in the first version I can readily tell what the code does. ALL of the syntax proposals for lightweight function syntax have one  thing in common: they do look like perl (or APL or other line noise languages). Don't get me wrong, I like perl a lot, and I use it a lot, but I would not want lua to look like perl. This sort of thing works in perl, because its entire syntax is a convoluted and probably nondeterministic mess, but lua syntax is rather clean, eloquent and very readable, so having line noise in there creates a WTF moment... at least for me.

I would consider this entire matter to be a case for something like metalua, not for the core syntax.