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Philippe Lhoste wrote:
In my experience, PEG parsing is easier to understand than Yacc/Lex or Antlr one.

I only heard about the first two. I tried, just out of curiosity, ANTLR some years ago, but I gave up fairly soon: really too much CS background needed.

Anyway, I am in your case: I have some programming experience, but only a faint CS background. I dived into the Wikipedia article, looked at the original article on PEG, read various other sources, and I finally found out it wasn't so complex...

I hope it will be the same for me! :-)

Maybe I'm missing something and effectively LPeg can be used effectively only by people
with strong CS background ?

Not at all.

Thanks for the reassurance!

As said, it is worth studying it a bit more. Somehow, it is simpler than regular expressions, after all, and much more powerful. It is worth analyzing Roberto's examples, and making your own exercises on simple grammars.

Ok. I'll start my practice with a bit more confidence then.
Thanks Philippe!

-- Lorenzo