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Nick Gammon <> writes:
>> What is the motivation for the ALL CAPS function names in the bit library?
> My guess it is to avoid the use of the reserved words "and" and "or". 
> However it does look UGLY.

Yeah; "band", "bor" etc are hardly _pretty_, but they're at least
somewhat familiar and normal-looking.  AND, OR, etc, just stand out
absurdly in code, and scream for attention.

When something is written in uppercase, one's instincts say "something
must be weird/special about this" -- but in the case of the bit
library, that's just not true, they're perfectly normal functions.  So
there ends up being this funny mismatch between instinct and reality,
and that's disconcerting.  It's like a car that happens to have a
rotating "cop-light" operating on top, but is in fact, simply a normal
and random car...

[It's kind of a shame too -- I thought with the renaming of "bit" =>
"bit32", the whole bit-library controversy would be solved in a way
that pleased everybody .... oh well I guess a happy ending would be
too boring ... :( ]


"Don't just question authority,
Don't forget to question me."
-- Jello Biafra