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On 18/11/10 14:08, Mike Pall wrote:
> As you may know, LuaJIT's interpreter is roughly 3x faster than
> Lua's interpreter (the JIT compiler plays in another league of
> course). This is only in part due to the use of threaded dispatch.
> There are many more reasons and they extend to the design of the
> whole VM.

Do you reckon there might be any possibility of writing a version of the
LuaJIT interpreter in C (using gcc extensions)? The reason I ask is that
I've got a platform where I simply don't know what architecture we're
going to be running on until (more or less) run time --- the compiler
emits portable bitcode that is translated into native when the
application is installed.

This rules out the JIT, so I need an interpreter; while a C version of
the LuaJIT interpreter is certainly going to be way slower than the
assembler version, if it's faster than the stock Lua version I'll still
come out ahead.

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