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Announcing release of json2lua 0.3.2.

This is a command-line tool to convert JSON data to Lua.


`json2lua [options] < data.json > data.lua`


    -h    Print help
    -v    Print script version
    -n    Do not pretty-print Lua code (default: do pretty-print)
    -wN   Set maximum pretty-print width to N chars (default: 80)
    -iStr Set pretty-print indent to string (default: two spaces, '  ')
    -N    Force object keys to be transformed to numbers
          whenever possible (default: off)
    -e    Do not print terminating EOL (default: do print)
    -r    Prefix data with 'return' (default: off)

See the list of changes here:

Rockspec for the new version: