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Hello All,

We are trying to define the configuration for Industrial Automation Devices.

As part of that, we have many complication in using Lua. We have tried Lua for this purpose and we could not proceed and we went with XML files for configuration. When we define the configuration in XML, we have dificulty in condition checking. Hence we write some code in C# to eliminate certain portion of code in XML.

Due to this limitation, we want to use Lua for configuration as well as for scripting the device functionality.

Here I am start with simple example of definition the enumeration.

    {1, "Forward"},
   {2, "Backword"},

      {3, "BiDirectional"},

  {4, "None" }

If you see, the "Bidirectioanl" is added only if it is enabled. I don't think, Lua support statements within the table definition.

Can you help me different possibilities in Lua to resolve this issue?

I have dozens of other issues, I will post them via separate mail.


Gopalakrishnan Subramani