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On 31/10/2010 01:04, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> Lua 5.2.0 (work5) is now available at

This compiles dynamic under OpenWatcom V1.9 (current) on Win32.

It is unlikely static would be a problem.

So far as I know a dynamic build of Lua has not been reported before but
I solved the difficulty a little while ago, and included test of a wide
variety of libraries.

Personally I use a static variant.

Note: there is _no_ dependency on non-default install Microsoft libraries.
IUP is only available as a static library. (no doubt could be fixed)

The possibility exists of cross compiling Lua static to i86 Linux,
should be trivial. Dynamic Linux support is not yet implemented in OW.
It should work for embedded targets and presumably OS/2.
DOS16 is just feasible with 5.1 but without an extender there is very
little free memory. (23k if I remember correctly)
DOS32 etc. should not be a problem.
RDOS I expect that same.
FreeDOS, I have no idea.