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A couple suggestions on the reference manual formatting...

(1) I often would like the anchors to be visible.  The problem occurs
when I'm reading some section (e.g. "xpcall") that I then want to
cite.  This currently requires navigating back to the contents page,
finding the section name, and right clicking and selecting to copy the
link location.  In the Python docs, hovering the mouse over a section
title displays a paragraph link, which you can click to place it in
the address bar or right click and select to copy the link.

(2) There are these "pdf-" prefixes in the anchor names, uglifying the URLs.

(3) says that the `ALIGN="absbottom"`  in the
5.2.0-work4 manual is invalid (must be one of "TOP", "MIDDLE",

(4) HTML tag and attribute names (e.g. "<IMG SRC ...>") would be more
consistent if all lowercase, XHTML style.

(5) I think id attributes rather than "<a name...>" tags are the
preferred way to define anchors these days.

(6) The left whitespace padding in the pre's seems better relegated to
CSS.  I think that might have been an issue at one occasion when I
translated the refman to POD.

(7) &nbsp;'s probably omissible.

(8) I think I'd prefer the table of contents being on the same page as
manual.html, so that you can scroll up without needing to navigate
back and forth.  Note: if you arrive at the manual directly via
manual.html, then you need to scroll up anyway to find the "contents"