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Shawn Fox <> writes:
> parser = require "lpeg"
> The problem I have here is that I just don't believe that is the normal
> thing to do.

"Old" packages (5.0?) don't do that, but I think it's been recommended
practice for quite a while.  Moreover, it's clearer and simpler than
adding implicit entries to the global table.

+1 from me for the "new way."

> Although I may not be understanding all the details of how _ENV works...

You don't have to use _ENV if you don't want to, of course (that's one
nice thing about using standard mechanisms rather than "magic" ones).

For instance, I find the following extremely readable:


   local mymod = {}

   function mymod.fun1 () end
   function mymod.fun2 () end

   return mymod


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