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Hi all!
When I began programming in Lua about one year ago, I used the reference manual as my primary source for learning. I was really surprised, after some months, reading the wiki and lurking on this list, to discover that the most common, efficient and simple way to append a value to an array-like table t was t[#t+1]=value! I had always used table.insert(t, value) instead.

This is so basic and common an operation that I think the manual should point it out (either in table.insert description or -better?- when describing tables) with something like:

"When a programmer only needs to append a value to an array-like table t, the most efficient way to do it is t[#t+1]=value. The library function table.insert should be used when there is a need to actually insert values in the middle of t or efficiency is not an issue." (Of course a better rephrasing, maybe by a native English speaker, would be welcome :-)

I know that the manual shouldn't be a place where every idiom is spelled out, but this one is really _so widespread_ and the manual still reports many usage examples (e.g., in section 2.5.7 Table constructors - Lua 5.1.4).

Best Regards,