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	Hi Francisco

	Or maybe someone else loaded the same page and the step/state
of the application changed...


On Thu, 5 Aug 2010, Francisco Sant'anna wrote:

Whenever you reload the page with the `/next`, a new event is generated.
I'm not sure about the last behavior, but seems that you have reloaded it so
many times that the application terminated (after step 5) and restarted up
to step 3.
Maybe it needs a way to avoid unintended reloads...

On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 4:11 PM, Tomas Guisasola Gorham <> wrote:

       Hi Francisco

       Very interesting, indeed!
       However I found an intriguing behaviour.  I clicked at the 'online'
link and the page showed the message "I am in step 1".  Then I clicked
at the 'next' link to open it in another browser tab.  "I am in step 2"
was the response and when I reloaded the page it showed step 3 and 4.
Bu suddenly I decided to click again at 'next' link in the orignal home
page and opened it in another tab.  The result was "I am in step 3"!!!
A opened different tabs clicking in the same link and (apparently)
randomized steps appeared.  Could you explain that?


On Thu, 5 Aug 2010, Francisco Sant'anna wrote:

 Hello list,

Following the release of LuaGravity, I have just released Reactive Server

Reactive Server Pages (RSP) bring some concepts of reactive languages to
realm of server-side web development.
RSP rearrange the way web applications are developed.
A web application conceptually becomes a single file that executes from
first to its last line.
The programmer can use structured programming with loops and recursive
RSP are based on LuaGravity, which extends the Lua language with reactive
data and control primitives.

Any feedback is welcome.


Git Hub: