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Lua 5.2.0 (work4) is now available at

MD5	0120f64338cd1228dc97ca5f43482315  -
SHA1	6c48a8c6708bec1a1ff63dc940b8055e0062dd1b  -

This is a work version. All details may change in the final version.

Here are the main changes since the previous work version:
- module and luaL_register deprecated, replaced by luaL_newlib and luaL_setfuncs.
- new function luaL_requiref.
- caching of Lua closures for resue.
- version-specific environment variables (LUA_PATH_5_2, etc.).
- new class '%g' in patterns.
- debug.getlocal gets parameter names of inactive functions.
- new functions lua_tonumberx and lua_tointegerx. 
See also

The manual has been updated but is still incomplete.

The complete diffs are available at

The diffs are still a bit large because of changes in the manual.

All work versions are available at

All feedback welcome. Thanks.