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2010/6/24 Roberto Ierusalimschy <>:
> The function luaL_register (from lauxlib), used to open C libraries,
> registers the new library into the table package.loaded[name]. Most
> libraries, however, also return the new library, so that 'require' will
> assign it to package.loaded[name]. For these libraries, the assignment
> made by luaL_register is mostly useless.
> I would like to know about packages that do depend on that assignment,
> either because they do not return the new library or any other reason.

I tend not to return the module from the luaopen_* function, but only
to mimick the way I write Lua modules. Actually I was calling 'module'
itself from C in early 5.1.x, until it became impossible in 5.1.3 or
5.1.4. I don't think I *need* that behavior though.