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Rob Kendrick wrote:
On Fri, 18 Jun 2010 11:48:57 -0700
"Stuart P. Bentley" <> wrote:

I **heartily** suggest [IUPLua](
It has a very Lua-like design, and works across Windows, GTK, and
Motif, so you can be pretty sure your application will work on any
operating system, Unix or otherwise, in use today.

Has anybody worked out how to build this without ripping out your own
hair yet, though?  WxLua is similar.  lgob (a Lua->GObject binding)
used to be an exercise in pain to build, but I'm told it's much better
now (but it will still make you unhappy.)

I have designed my own build framework for Lua, LuaFilesystem, LuaSocket
and IUP. It builds for Linux, cross compiles on Linux for MinGW, and
I think it still works for BSD (not tested recently)

If there's enough interest I may start a GitHub project for that.