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I attempted to do this some time ago.  I eventually decided to install a command-line client (an XMPP chat client, not email), and then run os.execute to get it to work,  But all indications seem to say that it's possible.  I just didn't want it enough. 

I didn't look into the Luaxyssl library - I was working with LuaSec.  But, I learned a bit about encryption (although not enough to teach) from the following tutorials and websites, which I hope you find useful:
--Testing your connections (also details the need for base-64 passwords and usernames)
--Setting up client side security certificates:
-Info on SSL/TLS:

None were in Lua (which is surprising), but all try to establish a connection from APIs which you should be able to access or emulate with Lua.
Kevin Vermeer

On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 2:25 AM, Martin <> wrote:

I have installed luasocket and luaxyssl. I need to send emails with my
gmail account (and one too). can somebody show me how? In
both cases I need to use encryption and know very close to nothing
aout how to use luaxyssl (and ssl/tsl layer in general).

Some pointer to 'ssl/tsl for dummies' would be helpful too...