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Wink Saville wrote:
No I hadn't seen that, but I'd say my example is
simpler and it shows the necessary command line.
If etc/min.c is the preferred example, great, but
it should probably be added to the FAQ or some
other likely place and include the necessary command

Actually, mine, etc/min.c or something similar
should eventually be added to the README.

IMHO, I think it's fair that the Lua material assumes that the software developer has a reasonable level of competence. I frown at too much spoon-feeding -- and I cringe at some of the things people ask at stackoverflow. Developers need to invest a bit in learning the tools, and IMHO the Lua source code is not the place for teaching that.

Perhaps there is a market for an "Idiot's Guide to" book... :-)

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia