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I don't think I can manage anything else other then organizing the hall and I don't have the connections to locate a free site for us so we will have to raise money or charge an entrance fee.

Is there someway I can find out if I should move forward looking for a hall? Would a survey of potential attendees be the thing to do?


Patrick wrote:
Hi Matt

I got married in 2003 and unlike most guys I ended up(getting suckered into!)planing most of it. There are dozens of places nearby that I evaluated in the process. How many people are we likely talking about, roughly? 10's, 100's ?

There is no better place to eat then where I am. You want burgers, fine. You want Mongolian food, that's fine too. I live in one of the most cosmopolitan areas in the world, the food rocks.

I am also sure I could track down A/V equipment, many of the convention centers already have them as well.


P.S sorry for polluting the archives with my poor spelling. My post a few days ago "OT complied language most like Lua" should have read compiled. It's been a lifelong problem hence my email domain

Matthew M. Burke wrote:
Patrick wrote:
What would actually be involved with planning this?

No pressure, but just north of Toronto is somewhere I could actually afford to go this year :)

There are a number of tasks involved, but many of them need not be done by somebody local (i.e. you). In the following list, several of the tasks are optional---it depends to some extent on what your audience expects and/or what you can offer.

1. Arrange a location.
2. Arrange for AV equipment.
3. Arrange catering or put together a list of where people might want to go eat.
4. Arrange hotels (or give folks a list)
5. Announce the event (to whatever lists, organizations, etc are appropriate)
6. Put out a call for speakers
7. Put together a schedule of talks/events.
8. Find $$ if any of the above aren't free.
9. Arrange to audio and/or video stream the talks. Or, arrange to record them and post them later. 10. Print out the schedule; put it and other thins in a packet for attendees.
11. Serve as MC.
12. Put together a list of things attendees can do (local attractions) when they're not in the workshop.

I'm forgetting some, I'm sure. But let me reiterate that not all these things need to be (should be) done by one person. Moreover, I'm more than willing to volunteer to help.