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	According to its homepage, Xavante can be installed either through
LuaRocks (not sure what LuaRocks does, though), or by dowloading its
source code at GitHub:

Since my goal is to build a ZIP file of all the files/directories that
are needed to run the Xavante webserver on a brand new host without an
installer, I'd like to know...

1. Can the Xavante sourcecode above be downloaded, compiled into, and
ran through the basic Lua binaries for Windows, and if yes, how?

I suspect the basic Lua distribution doesn't include enough libraries
to run Xavante.

2. Once Xavante is somehow installed into the basic Lua binaries
above, does someone know which files/directories are needed to run

Directory of C:\Downloads\lua5_1_4_Win32
<DIR>          Microsoft.VC80.CRT

If not, is there a good tool I could use to launch wsapi.exe and watch
what files/directories/Registry entries it needs to work? I'm thinking
of something like SysInternals' "Process Monitor"

Thank you.