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I can't see how that would work. You're assigning "Hello" to either a
string or a function call; neither are valid.

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 20:55, Joshua Jensen <> wrote:
> There is a configuration file I deal with that has a syntax like so:
> VARIABLE "MyVar" = "Hello"
> I thought that, perhaps, Lua could read it directly.  Having a function
> called VARIABLE that works with Lua's simplified single parameter string
> syntax will solve the VARIABLE "MyVar" portion:
> function VARIABLE(name)
>    --
> end
> At this point, I am uncertain what I would have VARIABLE() return that would
> allow me to pick up the right side (= "Hello") of the configuration line.
> Any thoughts?  Is it possible?
> Thanks.
> Josh

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