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Nope.  It shouldn't be hard to implement... I just wanted to get a
solid implementation of IOs and timers working well before I jumped
into implementing more watchers... and I wanted to maximize code reuse
(probably a little more work to be done there).  I've already
re-implemented this library 3 times (took me a while to figure out how
best to bind libev to lua)... I think things are pretty solid at this
point (thus the 1.0 release), so I'll see about adding support for

There are also lots of other watcher types supported by libev, feel
free to request other watcher types as you see fit.


On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 6:24 PM, Alexander Gladysh <> wrote:
> Hi, Brian!
> I see that lib-ev has signal handling support in TODO section.
> What is the status of this feature? Is it hard to implement?
> Thank you,
> Alexander.

Brian Maher >> Glory to God <<