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On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 4:50 PM, Alex Queiroz <> wrote:
>     Kinda off-topic, but the following passage reminded me of the Lua
> community:

This quote particularly:

Tcl's syntax is flexible enough that it's possible to write an OO
system in Tcl itself ....  Over the years, a number of such systems
have arisen, the most well-known being "Incr Tcl" ....  However, none
of these extensions was ever included with the standard Tcl
distribution or somehow "blessed" as the official OO system for Tcl.

This meant that a newcomer to Tcl wishing to organize their code
according to OO principles had to pick a system to use from several
competing options.  And of course, newcomers are the least able to
judge a complex feature like that in a language, making it a doubly
stressful choice.

That last para is exactly applicable to Lua.

steve d.