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I’ve just installed the latest LfW version on a fresh Windows 7 install, and when I attempt to debug a script I get the following error in the output:


target   test

clidebug              c:\program files (x86)\lua\5.1\scite\scite-debug\lua_clidebugger\debugger.lua

lua -e "package.path='C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Lua\\5.1\\SciTE\\scite-debug\\lua_clidebugger\\?.lua;'..package.path" -lclidebug test.lua 

....1\SciTE\scite-debug\scite_lua\debug\clidebugger.lua:101: attempt to index local 'out' (a nil value)

>Lua: error occurred while processing command


I looks like a file that failed to open. As far as I can tell, the file name is contained in props[‘TMP’], but I haven’t found where this props table comes from, or what it contains.

Is there a quick fix for this?