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Hey all, (to the Lua list, CC'd to the GSoC list in case people are interested)

Google's Summer of Code programme encourages students to work on
open-source software during their summer break. Google publishes a
list of mentoring organisations and allows students to submit
proposals for projects they can do over the summer. Google then
sponsors the selected students with money, but *most* importantly,
also a t-shirt :)

Lua isn't actually participating as a mentoring organisation, but I
guess there may still be people on this list who are eligible (or know
of someone who is) for working on a Lua-related project over the
summer, so here's a list of potential projects and mentoring
organisations I compiled to help you out:

Nmap Security Scanner
   The Nmap Scripting Engine uses Lua.

Battle for Wesnoth
   A turn-based tactical strategy game with a "high fantasy theme".
The AI can be scripted in Lua.
   (you may remember Wesnoth from this post about using Lua by esr: )

   Although their ideas page doesn't mention Lua their organisation
profile is tagged with "lua" on the GSoC site - I believe it supports
Lua scripting.

   FreedroidRPG is a mature open source sci-fi isometric role playing
game. It is scripted in Lua.

VideoLan (VLC)
   VLC supports Lua scripting, they are looking for students to write
some scripts for various features.

Prosody XMPP server (c/o XMPP Standards Foundation)
   A Jabber/XMPP (the protocol used by e.g. Google Talk) instant
messaging server written almost entirely in Lua. (see also )

   A mention of a project to write a Lua->Guile compiler.

Freifunk (LuCI, embedded, networking, etc.)
   Freifunk (German for Free Radio) is an initiative to support the
development of tools for free mesh networks. Lots of Lua-related
project ideas.

More info on Summer of Code 2010 can be found here:

If you do choose to apply, good luck! And if I missed any projects, sorry...


PS. I created this list by writing a quick (Lua!) script to scan the
ideas pages of all the accepted organisations, a Mercurial repository
is here: (requires LuaSocket,
LPEG, and optionally LuaSec 0.4 [some of the pages are on https://
URLs]). The library I used for parsing was designed for TSV files, and
doesn't handle the ""-escaped commas in this CSV, which is why the
repo contains a .csv file with commas replaced where necessary.
Patches welcome :)