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Hey folks,


I’m working on a game which uses lua extensively, on a platform where memory is limited, and loading is slow, so I’d like to minimise my memory footprint and load times..


When the game starts, I create a lua vm, and load a bunch of global scripts that I want to keep around for the duration of the game..


Then each level has a .lua script file containing the script just for that level – a whole bunch of functions and tables.


Ideally, I’d be able to isolate the level-specific functions from the global ones, and then between levels set the level-specific functions/tables to nil and do a lua garbage collect – so the memory for the level-specific scripts gets cleaned up but the global stuff stays around - I don’t want to destroy / recreate my lua vm between levels or set the whole of global to nil, because this hurts my load times.


Is there a way of doing this programmatically? I was thinking maybe I could compare the state of global before and after loading a level-script to figure out the level specific stuff? But maybe there’s an easier way?