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On 3/17/2010 8:57 PM, Mike Pall wrote:
Peter Cawley wrote:
Along the same lines, I noticed that in a recent project, most of my
C(++) glue functions did very simple things - read some values off the
Lua stack, call some C++ method, and push the results back onto the
stack. It seems to me rather wasteful for LuaJIT to setup a stack,
call my C(++) function, have that call back to the API to read/write
values, then have LuaJIT tear the stack down again.

Yes, now that everything else has gotten so fast, that's the main
performance bottleneck when calling C functions from compiled Lua
code. And it gets worse: the compiler can't optimize across such
calls, because they might have arbitrary side-effects (changing a
global, growing/reallocating a table etc.).

Maybe for beginning it would be nice to have possibility to mark luCFunction as 'does not touch Lua state at all', therefore having no LuaJIT-visible side effects. This would mean that trace recording would not be aborted if such call is met. I think that this could speed up things if such calls are met inside hot loops (e.g. lua loop processing data from externally-allocated memory block).

Of source, full implementation of Mike's FFI proposal would make this extension obsolete.