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Hi folks

>>> LuaSocket just has no http proxy auth impl.
>> the http module is written in lua, so just change the source if you want that.
> Yes, I know and I'm also willing to try, but I was just asking, if
> someone already did it. (I'm just lazy and I've got enough more
> important things to do :-) )

Well, now I did it for myself. After taking a deep look into socket.http it really turned out to be quite simple:

In the function adjustheaders I've added a few lines:

-- if we have proxy-authentication information, make a header entry for this
    local proxy = reqt.proxy or PROXY
    if proxy then
        proxy = url.parse(proxy)
        if proxy.user and proxy.password then
            lower["proxy-authorization"] =
"Basic " .. (mime.b64(proxy.user .. ":" .. proxy.password))

just before

    -- if we have authentication information, pass it along

and thats all. After fixing my test script to

local http = require("socket.http")
local a,b,c,d=http.request("";)

I managed to pass through our proxy. I'd suggest to add this block to the socket.http in the socket library, as it will do no harm to existing code

Regards Jørgen