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>What is the value of package.cpath?
>Run this:
i hav modified my test.lua to this:
io.write("hello world\n");

and it said:
hello world
.\?.dll;\Program Files\wmssystem\?.dll;\Program Files\wmssystem\loadall.dll

>That is wrong. You should not rename any files.
>The dll should be named luasocket.dll but you still need
>to use: require("socket") in your script.

i tried that.but it told me this:
ERR MSG:/Program Files/wmssystem/test.lua:3: module 'socket' not found:
	no field package.preload['socket']
	no file '.\socket.lua'
	no file '\Program Files\wmssystem\lua\socket.lua'
	no file '\Program Files\wmssystem\lua\socket\init.lua'
	no file '\Program Files\wmssystem\socket.lua'
	no file '\Program Files\wmssystem\socket\init.lua'
	no file '.\socket.dll'
	no file '\Program Files\wmssystem\socket.dll'
	no file '\Program Files\wmssystem\loadall.dll'

>And please learn to trim your quotes!
i am very sorry but i sent the last email via my mobile has no quote function.

i hope u can give me some advice ASAP...i am waiting for this problem been soled to continue my development progress.

some useful information:
i build lua5.1 ,luasocket and luaxml on WinCE 5.0.compiler is Visual Studio 2008.i think lua5.1 has no problem because the scripts which only use standard library seems work well.